J Li Design



Launched in June, 2018, Bobaholic was created to acknowledge college students’ love for boba/bubble tea/milk tea. It started with selling small Bobaholic stickers around the campus of sunny San Diego, UCSD. Since then, Bobaholic has gathered enough love and support to help the brand grow into apparel and other merchandise.

Raised in the Bay Area, I grew up drinking a lot of boba. Upon coming to college, I learned that getting boba was a way to connect people and make friends. I met many other boba fans, and eventually, boba became a part of my identity that I wanted to share with the rest of the world. I wanted to create a community for boba lovers everywhere.

Since Bobaholic is my own personal project/business, I am responsible for everything— from the logo design to the design of the shirts, to managing orders and production, photography & marketing, distribution, and everything else.

Future direction: Bobaholic will continue to release apparel at UCSD in the future, and will soon be launching branches at UC Berkeley, as well as MIT.

Contact me if you have any questions!