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Logo Design


Logo Design

Artboard 5logo.png

Daily Logo Challenge Prompt: Hot Air Balloon

When designing this logo, I used one of the suggested names as inspiration: Lift. I wanted to use the hot air balloon as the dot on the “i” and lay the text over a light blue background to give the impression that the hot air balloon is lifting the rest of the word into the sky. In addition, the word “lift” has many positive implications to me, such as to “lift” someone up, so I wanted the shade of blue to feel relaxing and supportive.

Artboard 10logo.png

Daily Logo Challenge Prompt: Panda

A fun little logo I made for the prompt Panda. Growing up Chinese, I often associate pandas with China. This logo is inspired by traditional Chinese artwork and paintings. I wanted to make it cute, but also imitate the look of an ink brush stroke.

Artboard 11logo.png

Project: Munchy

This logo was made for a website my friend was building. The website was called Munchy, and was used for recipe sharing among a community of people. The logo was made to be simple and fun.

Artboard 4logo.png

Daily Logo Challenge Prompt: Flame Logo

For this logo I was mainly experimenting with the gradient colors in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to give a softer, rounder feeling to a flame and contrast it with the name ‘Sizzle’ which would generally be considered a harsher term.

Artboard 8DFAC.png

Project: Down for a Cross

Down for a Cross is a website for people to play crossword puzzles with their friends or with others. This is a logo I designed for the founder of Down for a Cross who wanted new stickers to distribute at his user meetup.

Artboard 7venture.png

Project: Venture

Logo for my project, Venture. Designed as a paper airplane over a sky blue background, I wanted the logo to express the feelings and purpose of Venture, an application designed to give users ease when traveling— to feel light and free.

Artboard 29300.png

Project: Bobaholic

“Bobaholic Tendencies” a small joke on the word ‘bobaholic’ being a variation of alcoholic. The drink is represented in a wine glass for the same reason, and overall is monochrome and simplistic to preserve the Bobaholic style.

Contact me if you have any questions or want to work together for a logo design!